Rhombus scarf

This scarf is one of the special prizes I received in 2017 for the XXI. National Carpet Competition Hevesen. Product judged by the People’s Arts and Crafts Commission.

55.000 Ft

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Warp yarn: 100% cotton
Weft yarn: 100% merino wool
Size 192 cm X 52 cm

I put this unique shawl in a cotton proposition from Fonalclub.hu hand-painted lace merino wool yarn. Chanels and thread-pull patterns were made by ByBuci’s hand-painted merino wool silk.
The preparation of the dense filament pattern is the result of long hours.
I put my logo on the scarf as my signature, certifying my product.

Cleaning manual
Soak in 30 degrees max. Only use silk/wool friendly detergent. Do not machine wash or dry. After soaking, gently press the water out, than tap dry with a towel. Any hard squeeze can damage the fibers. When dry, you may steam iron with low heat